"The CJGA Junior League at Blackberry Oaks is an awesome program for any child who wants to learn golf. It’s the perfect environment for kids to learn the the game and have fun!”
Will Hope
Coach Chad and his staff have made golf fun and exciting for my boys. They look forward to each lesson with excitement. Chad has a gift when it comes to making golf fun for the kids.
George Bozonelos
"The Blackberry Staff does a phenomenal job at getting kids introduced to the game. Loads of fun challenges coupled with on-course matches makes the program second to none. Chad's enthusiasm is contagious with all the kids. I have two sons who participated for the first time this fall and can't wait to play again next year! SOLD! Don't wait, the sooner your kids are exposed to the Junior League at Blackberry, the sooner they can add golf to their life skills! Great job everyone and great season! Thank you!"
Kurt Martinson
My son Nate truly enjoyed your Fall Junior Golf League this year. The scramble format was perfect and the opportunity to practice at the range, putting and chipping greens before matches really rounded out the experience of what the sport is all about. He will definitely sign up again next year! I enjoyed the opportunity to be his caddy as well. Letting the parents on the course with the kids was awesome! Great job on helping establish the next generation of golfers!! #kidsrule
Brett Hoffman
"The CJGA at Blackberry Oaks, led by Chad Johansen, has provided the perfect level of instruction for my 9 year old son. Chad and the coaches do a fantastic job of teaching these young golfers the mechanics of the golf swing, equipment knowledge, on-course etiquette, and sportsmanship all while providing plenty of opportunities for the kids to also have some competitive fun, other than just enjoying the game of golf, through various skills competitions during the program. My son has participated in the CJGA camps and the PGA Jr. League at Blackberry Oaks, all of which are led by the CJGA, and golf is now his favorite sport in large part to the program Chad and his coaches provide. Keep up the great program CJGA and Blackberry Oaks!"
Bob Burlage


Thank you for running such a great and well organized Junior Golf Camp. The drills and instruction were presented in a fun and useful way the kids could benefit from and enjoy. You and your staff took the time to help the kids individually so they knew exactly what they needed to work on. My boys really loved the camp and are already asking to do it again. I have been recommending it to all of my friends!
Gina Conner
My daughters have been attending the CJGA Junior Golf Camps for 4 years. They run a very organized program! We really love the golf swing videos they send with advise on how they can improve. The technology they use is absolutely fantastic. It’s fun showing all of my friends out of state my daughters golf swings. I would highly recommend the CJGA Junior Golf Camps to anyone who has kids. I guarantee they will have a blast!
Patti McCumber
The Chad Johansen Golf Academy did an excellent job teaching my son about the game of golf. My son is 5 and pretty shy around a group, painfully shy at times. Even with my son’s reluctance, Chad and his staff made him feel welcome and able to participate! If you want your child to get into golf I would highly recommend sending them to Chad!
Matt Baumgartner
Chad has an excellent program with a staff that buys into his concept as well. The junior program has been growing over the past couple years at Blackberry and it’s because the word is getting out about Chad and how well he get kids involved and how they stay involved. I recommend that if you have a child wanting to get into golf or expand their skills give Chad a call.
Chuck Divito
We sent our eleven year old son to Chad Johansen for his first set of golf lessons. Chad is very knowledgeable, relaxed teacher for children at all skill levels. Each lesson started promptly, was planned out, and offered challenging drills with appropriate encouragement and positive reinforcement techniques. Our son played the rest of the summer with more confidence and he enjoyed playing golf!
Geoff & Tammy Smock
Our boys have developed a love of the game of golf and are excited to play and practice whenever they can. I credit the CJGA Junior Golf Camps. They learn the mechanics of the golf swing, how to chip and putt, proper golf etiquette and the importance of sportsmanship in the game. I especially like the online personalized instructional videos that each student receives. Our boys will continue to participate in these camps and I would certainly recommend them to others.
Jim Waugh
The Chad Johansen Golf Academy offers the best junior golf programs PERIOD!
Eric Konen


"The Chad Johansen Putting Studio was without a doubt the best investment I’ve made in my game. Want to improve your score? The Chad Johansen Putting Studio is the answer!"
Bob Christensen
"After working with Chad and his staff at the Chad Johansen Putting Studio, I finished 7 under par at the Nationwide Tour’s Utah Energy Solutions Championship including an opening round 64!"
Curtis Malm
"What an amazing set up! Every single stroke provided so much instant feedback. I would consider myself a good putter, but after working with Chad in his studio, I see a great opportunity to become even better! Each putt I get feedback on my balance, posture, swing path, putter impact, and overall aim. Simply the best lesson for my money!"
Rich Dukelow