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Chad Johansen’s passion is teaching golf, teaching kids and growing the game. He believes students learn through experience. That means more direct play and action from the student and less talk from the instructor. His expertise in using video analysis allows him to compare what his students “think” is happening with what is really happening. He uses modified golf techniques and gives students immediate feedback so they can see real-time changes.

His commitment to golf instruction can benefit all players, regardless of their level of experience. If you are looking for a golf instructor who can make a lasting impact on your golf game, contact Chad Johansen today.

"My daughters have been attending the Chad Johansen junior golf camps for 4 years. They run a very organized program! We really love the golf swing videos they send with advice on how they can improve. The technology they use is absolutely fantastic. It's fun showing all of my friends out of state my daughters golf swings. I would highly recommend the Chad Johansen Junior Golf Camps to anyone who has kids. I guarantee they have a blast!"
Patti McCumber
"My boys, Jonathan and Ryan, have been attending Chad Johansen junior golf clinics since we moved to the Chicago area a year ago. Chad and his team do a great job teaching the fundamentals of golf in a manner that the kids love. The boys love to play and practice with other kids that share the same interest. Our boys have developed a love of the game of golf and are excited to play and practice whenever they can. I credit Chad's golf camps. They learn the mechanics of the golf swing, how to chip and putt, proper golf etiquette and the importance of sportsmanship in the game. I especially like the on-line personalized instructional videos that each student receives. Our boys will continue to participate in these camps and I would certainly recommend them to others."
Jim Waugh
"Thank you for running such a great and well-organized Junior Camp. The drills and instruction were presented in a fun and useful way the kids could benefit from and enjoy. You and your staff took the time to help the kids individually so they knew exactly what they needed to work on. My boys really loved the camp and are already asking to do it again! I have been recommending it to all my friends!"
Gina Conner
"With Chad's instruction I started hitting the ball further, and straighter. His putting lessons helped me lower my scores immediately. Last year, I improved my scoring average by 19% and shot my lowest round ever (75). Now, whenever my game starts to 'drift,' I just schedule some 'Chad time' and in no time, I'm back in the groove. "
- John SteinerBlackberry Oaks Senior League Player
"We sent our eleven year old son to Chad Johansen for his first set of golf lessons. Chad is a very knowledgeable, relaxed teacher for children at all skill levels. Each lesson started promptly, was planned out, and offered challenging drills with appropriate encouragement and positive reinforcement techniques. Our son played the rest of the summer with more confidence and he enjoyed playing golf."
- Geoff and Tammy SmockYorkville, IL
"Chad has really helped me develop my game ever since I went to him early last year. The personal lessons and the Player Development Camp were an integral part of my success last year in making it to State. At the camp I really advanced my game because Chad analyzed my swing and putting stroke, and made the necessary changes. I took 3-4 putts off a round at least! When working with Chad, he communicates very well and uses things that I can understand. Along with being very knowledgeable of the game, Chad is a great person you can rely on to advance your game."
- Josh GorzneyPlano High School

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