Every PGA Tour player has their golf clubs fit. Why not you?

“My father was ardent about getting golf clubs that fit. He believed that if you had a club that was improperly fitted, you would make adaptations in the golf swing and he didn’t want me to have to fight another variable. It’s the simplest variable there is. Have the club fit you properly.”

-Tiger Woods – Tiger World: Access Granted – 2008

Over the last 10 years, golf equipment has experienced a great deal of change. The heads are bigger, the faces are thinner, and the shafts are lighter. There are more choices than ever in what clubs to buy and where to buy them. Thanks to the Internet, information about golf clubs is easily accessible. The manufacturers of golf clubs are making changes based on the latest technology and it can be difficult and confusing to keep up with the latest trends. One thing is for certain and that is the advances in today’s golf club technology make a big difference in your performance on the course. The larger sweet spots, higher MOI values, geometric shapes, and multi-material offerings all give you an edge to improve your score.

Every golfer needs to determine what club technology will best suit his or her game and how to fit that club technology with the golfer’s body and swing. A professionally trained eye will help fit the club to the player’s body and swing. Golf clubs purchased “off the rack” could mean there are iron sets, drivers, and woods in your bag that are causing your golf game more harm than good. To take advantage of the latest in golf club technology, it is very important to match your body and swing with the proper clubs.

That’s where I can help. As a Class A member of the PGA, with a background in sales and fitting, I can help you get that proper fit you need to take your game to the next level. I can help you filter through the equipment information about wood shafts and iron sets to match current golf club technology with your body and swing.
Beginning this year, all of my lessons will include a free golf club analysis, a ten minute iron, wood, and wedge fit. You might be playing with equipment that is not the best fit for your game and are puzzled by some inconsistencies. For example, have you noticed that you hit your pitching wedge 100 yards but your sand wedge only 65 yards? Do you feel the club twisting at impact? A careful look at your wedge make-up may reveal some big gaps. A small adjustment in your iron’s lie angle could improve your accuracy dramatically. A little extra length in your shafts could improve your face contact ten-fold.

Getting a proper fit today means more than a piece of lie angle tape. Every club category in the bag needs to be fit to ensure the best possible result. With great pricing and selection in the pro shop, buying properly fit clubs has never been easier.

Every PGA Tour player has their clubs fit. Why not you?