Affordable & Effective Golf Instruction in Kendall County

This custom Adult Coaching Program uses a golf instruction model that helps golfers of all skill levels lower their scores – guaranteed! We start on the golf course to learn your game and create an individualized improvement plan designed to help you achieve your golfing goals. We then implement a customized practice routine, using the proprietary Scoring Method, to help you reach your goals more quickly. This program places focus on four key areas of importance.

1. THE GOLFING MINDSET – A golfer must learn to manage their thinking and control their emotions. A golfer is tested mentally and physically throughout their round. If negative emotions and thoughts are permitted to exist, the golfer will struggle to trust their talent and succumb to the pressures of tournament play.

2. THE REAL GAME OF GOLF – Golf is a game of misses & mistakes; nobody has perfected the game and no one ever will. However, to win a golfer need not be perfect, just shoot the lowest score. The question is, “How do you shoot lower scores?” We teach golfers to use our Scoring Method Scorecard, and perfect the Ten Most Important Factors to lowering your score.

3. PURPOSEFUL PRACTICE – We believe practice does not make perfect; rather, perfect practice makes permanent! To play like a champion golfer, your practice routine must reflect that of champion golfers. Our Adult Coaching Programs teach players fun ways to challenge themselves that simulate tournament conditions and elicit superior results.

4. SKILL DEVELOPMENT– There are so many parts to the game of golf that players often become overwhelmed with information and bogged down thinking about technique. We focus on teaching our players only the skills they need to achieve their stated goals. By adding the skill sets the player needs the learning process is very fun and rewarding!


We guarantee results or we will continue providing golf coaching instruction for FREE!  This is a unique offer that no other golf instructor can match. We stand by our coaching programs and are committed to helping our players achieve success!

Aurora Adult Golf Instruction
To have more fun on the golf course and shoot the lowest scores of your life, submit the Contact Form provided below and Chad will contact you to discuss the best way to improve your game.


How do we accomplish these results?
We know how great players think, practice and play; rather than reinvent the wheel, we coach our golfers in a relaxed, team environment. Our method provides consistent weekly coaching sessions, a competitive team environment and, perhaps most important, more time of the golf course with your coach.

What are the tools and skills golfers learn?

  • Mastering the Golfing Mindset!
  • Understanding the Scoring Method Scorecard
  • Using the Purposeful Practice Card to develop a plan on how to practice effectively!

What is coaching vs. instruction?
It’s simple, as a coach we provide what you need to achieve your goals. This method is for players who want to break through to the next level by understanding how to manage their thinking, learning how to score on the golf course, and learning how to practice with a purpose to achieve their potential at golf. If you are looking for a quick fix or just swing work, then this is not for you.

Do you have a philosophy in order to be successful at golf?
We believe that in order to be successful at golf you have to practice with a purpose, have the right mental approach, and understand how to manage your game on the golf course. When you accomplish these goals, you will unlock your golfing potential.

Do you have a swing philosophy?
Yes!  We believe that each individual golfer has an internal swing; we coach them to find that swing and make it as effective as possible. As Golf Coaches, we believe the result is inside you, and it is our job to help you learn what works best for you. We try to implement minimal technical changes so that instruction is understandable and repeatable, and results in the consistency and confidence you desire.

Do you use swing video analysis?
Yes! We use video analysis to help player understand their swing characteristics in combination with how the PGA Tour Professionals do it. Our goal with video analysis is not to make a player swing like someone else, but rather provide a visual perspective IF changes are needed.

What sort of results can I expect?
We GUARANTEE our results, so expect to achieve your goals!

Is it a money back guarantee?
No.  The guarantee is about achieving you goal, not getting your money back. We continue coaching (for free) until you achieve your goals.

How do I get signed up?
Fill out the Adult Coaching Program contact form (below) and we will be in touch soon!